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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Reupholding Morality of the Nation
at 9:20 PM 
In the current crossroad of nation and state’s development, reconfirming national commitment is required, through effective communications by the state’s leaders. The national commitment is building a modern nation-state in form of republic, which is the concept of state built for public benefits—welfare is for all citizens without exception—not personal glories of rulers and officers like in monarchy systems.

Idea of building a nation-state had been proposed by founders of this nation since more than a half century ago. As we know together, however, nothing is free in this world, and nothing can be gain without efforts and sacrifices. The brilliant idea of nation-state are not automatically manifested although it had been proposed since Proclamation of Independence 1945, since manifesting it had been provenly very difficult due to lack of required of social and cultural infrastructures. A long trials and errors in the history of this Republic couldn’t be avoided.

Mistakes in history of this nation like those happened in 1965 and 1998 become bitter experiences and contain hikmah (wisdom) if they are learned from and not repeated. If mistakes fail to be lessons and we let them continues, let alone mistakes intentionally done by us since they are seemingly beneficial, then those errors or mistakes wouldn’t contain hikmah; on the contrary those mistakes or errors would be slanders and disasters. Intentional mistakes would be history’s crime.

To those who think that they can get anything without any costs, that they can be rich without efforts, we should remind that those beliefs are a kind of naked egoism, an anti-social life attitude that force others to be victims and cause a great loss on the society. The idea of getting something without any efforts certainly will lead us to immoral ideas, short-cut ideas, and selfish ideas. Glory of a nation is determined by its morality. If a nation’s morality crumbles down, then the nation itself will crumble down too (“innama umamu al akhlaqu ma baqiyat, fa in dzahabat akhlaquhum dzahabu”). This is a “sunnatullah” we can’t bargain; this will happen to any nation regardless religions of their people. As a religious nation, let alone oath of office’s text contain the words “with taqwa”, we should uphold moral of our nation ourselves, since the meaning of taqwa includes integral moral actions, harmonization between words and behaviours, and behaviours’ consistence with commitments.

Don’t think that advancement of the West is without any moral commitment. Thomas Jefferson once said, “Leave money, leave fame, leave science, and leave this earth itself with all of its contents.” Those will be better than we do immoral actions. Don’t ever think that we may do something dishonorable, however small it may be in our eyes”

Whenever we do something, although no one see us, just imagine if all eyes in this world see us, paying attention to what we do. If we cheat in the state’s general affairs, imagine the loss that will be suffered by common people, imagine all people’s eyes see us (direct their sights on us). Just contemplate that various international institutions has placed us into category of one of the lowest countries, worst countries, most messy countries, most uninteresting countries, etc. Can we still proud ourselves as a big nation and a country with the most Muslims majority?

Above all, as a religious nation, whose state is based in belief on One and only God, we know terms “kafir” and “fasiq”. Cheating is a form of fasiq attitude. Fasiq people are people whose behaviours ignore values of etiquette and moral since those values had been subordinated to greediness and lust.
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