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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tips to be used at Work (Business Ethic)
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Among things inherent in man as a representative (khalifah) of Allah are obligation to enforce to the truth (rules of Allah) on the earth and right to manage/use nature as a living facility. From those obligation and right, some rules of living (sunnatullah) follow, that are; (a) To obtain things needed, man has to use an accountable procedure, which is working, (b) Man deserves to obtain (results of) what he has done correctly, (c) Man has to take the risks of what he has done wrongly. If animals only can enjoy facilities in the nature provided by God, then man is demanded to maintain environment against damage and to do efforts (“engineering”) so that those natural facilities are used optimally. Basically, working is a combination of maintaining environment and doing such efforts.

Theologically, universe is a manifestation of Allah’s grace to man, and in this perspective working and doing business aren’t efforts to seek wealth but are efforts to seek rahmah (grace). Value of a property (as a result of working) depends on how much it brings rahmah to the life of its owner. This is called barakah (blessing). Instead of becoming rahmah, a property can change its function into burden and torment unbearable by its owner. Therefore, religion of Islam teaches working or business ethics to man. Business ethics among others consist of:

1. Have a correct intention (niyyat) that working or doing business is aimed at seeking willingness (rida) of Allah. If you’re a trader, have an intention to help consumers obtain his necessities. If you’re doing business in a large scale, have an intention to improve the society’s welfare. If you’re a professional, adhere to professional principles firmly.

2. Create a balance of attention between worldly interests and the-day-after interests

3. Orient/arrange all business/working affairs for long term interests (old days, children, grandchildren, future generation, ibadat/investation for the day after)

4. If you’re faced with difficult choices in making decisions regarding a job or project with wide impacts, then before making decisions, perform salat istikharat, asking for God’s guidance in selecting the best choice.

5. If you’re an employee, be discipline and honest at work, since those will lead you to rida of Allah, insha Allah.

6. If you’re an employer, then you shouldn’t exploit your employees. Instead, give them sufficient wages and pay the wages immediately. Rasulullah ordered us to pay wages to labours before their sweats are getting dried and forbade us to hire labours before there’s a certainty about amount of their wages.

7. If you’re a freelancer, be a diligent/persistent person. Rasulullah once said that working diligently will create a blessing in life (al harakatu barakah).

8. Don’t do business in fields forbidden by God. A forbidden business may cause big and fast benefits, but eventually it will cause misery (at least spiritual/inner misery) since the grace is missing. Likewise, forbidden practices such as briberies, corruptions, manipulations, evil conspirations may make it easier for you to achieve your goals, but those eventually will eliminate blessing (rahmah) and mercy (barakah) of Allah. Such practices are not only sinful but also damaging business system.

9. Fulfill your obligations as an entrepreneur to the right parties, for example regarding labours’ right (wages), the state’s right (tax), God’s right (zakat), community’s right (living environment).

10. Business with barakah is a business benefiting people and giving halal (allowed) benefit.

11. If you’re about to begin a business or project, read the prayer below:
Allahumma ij`al awwala hadza al amro solaha wausatohu falaha wa akhirohu najaha
Meaning: “O Allah, please make beginning of this business a proper thing, the process is an enjoyable process, and the end is a success.”
Rabbi auzi`ni an asykuro ni`mataka allati an`amta `alayya wa `ala wa lidayya wa an a`mala so lihan tardo hu wa adkhilni fi `iba dika as solihin
Meaning: "O my Lord! so order me that I may be grateful for Thy favours, which thou hast bestowed on me and on my parents, and that I may work the righteousness that will please Thee: And admit me, by Thy Grace, to the ranks of Thy righteous Servants." (Q: An Naml: 19)

The consequence of working or doing business by mentioning name of Allah is that you should remember Allah in each process of business and working, so that you won’t do things forbidden by Him.
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