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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Philosophy of Divinity
at 10:43 PM 
Philosophy is a science who tries to find out the truth of everything (al `ilmu fi al maujudat ma hiya al maujudat). What meant by everything is realities and there are three essences of realities: God, man, and nature. Therefore, three main philosophies are philosophy of divinity, philosophy of man, and philosophy of nature. In philosophy of religion, those three aspects are discussed and studied. The science that studies philosophy of divinity is called Science of Kalam, since the frame of the philosophy of divinity is Kalamullah, divine revelation, not mind.

Therefore, arguments in Science of Kalam always propose Al Quran’s verses. What inquired in this science among others what are essences of attributes (characters) of Rabb al ‘alamin, ar Rahman, ar Rahim, al Jabbar, and al Khaliq, what are essences of meanings of Subhanallah (Allah the Most Holy), Allahu Ahad (Allah the Most One), what is meant by Allah resides in arasy, what is meant by the sky, and so on. If laypeople are deemed sufficient to study science of Tauhid, then educated people should study philosophy of tauhid that is Science of Kalam.
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